2nd Annual Belize Retreat

What is your definition of transformation? I think it has many facets like a diamond…That is what I would use to describe our “Healing for the Healers” 2nd Annual Retreat to Belize!

As you would look at a diamond and all the sides and edges of it’s beauty, this is what our 8 days looked like in the beautiful country of Belize.

It started out with our time on the beautiful Island of Tobacco Caye. I can not say enough of about our stay there from the staff making us feel like family to the attention to detail of our dietary needs, to the most incredible home cooked Belizean food made with love!


Oh I forgot to mention our over the water cabanas! Ahhh the hammock over the water as the stingrays come to your deck to say hello, the reef out front with the sound of the waves crashing a soothing nighttime melody to drift off to Lala land with!


We were also blessed with spending extra time with my friend Rosario the Mayan Healer & her daughter Sarita whom we were blessed to be with as she saw the ocean for the first time! Not to mention on a boat and snorkeling for the first time too! We also got to celebrate Rosarios birthday on island too!

While on the island we were blessed with the Full Moon. We honored her with a Full Moon ceremony and took time to set intentions of releasing what no longer served us, allowing us to have a clean slate for what our delightful trip to Belize had to offer. It was as if on cue Juan our helper started the fire burn just as were thinking of burning our notes of what we wanted to release…ahhh love that when the Universe listens!!

Then Juan was so kind to find us all our own coconuts, slice them with his machete so we could get juiced up with pure Belizean Coconut water!! Heavenly….

We snorkeled our hearts out! For some it was the first time, what a beautiful place to have as a first time memory. We swam with sharks, barracuda, stingrays, parrot fish, Jack…so many to name! The coral reefs were some of the most beautiful I have seen. 

While we snorkeled our guides were foraging for Conchs…they brought them back with us and the ladies made us fresh Conch Ceviche!!

Let’s just say we were feeling pretty special there…it is a special place…

On our last day we spent our last hours swimming off of our private decks over the blue water,  hanging in our hammocks after…

Then took our Messages in a Bottle filled it with Belizean sand an shells as we thought about what we wanted to take away from our time in Belize..then we wrote our messages rolled them up, placed in our bottle to take home and resonate our wishes to the Universe!! 




Ahhh time to say goodbye to the island…sad to go, but excited for the next part of our adventure!

Made a nice use of our ride and took a pit stop at the Inland Blue Hole for a cooling off swim! Very unique place and we all were very happy to take a refreshing dip!




We were happy to arrive at our next destination….had an incredible meal of Fish Sury, and were happy to get a good night sleep as most of us were headed over the border to Guatemala to visit the ruins of Tikal!





Early morning, off to Tikal!!  We were blessed to have Rosario and her son accompany us on our trek. That morning at breakfast Rosario said she had a dream that all of us had our own Jaguar walking with us while we were visiting Tikal. She said he was protecting us….I thought that was interesting and always nice to have spirit with us.


We had a full day trekking the ruins. Had a fun visit with the howler monkeys that tried to poop and pee on us! No really they were actually trying to do it on purpose from the tress above. We were on a trail and needed to go under the tree so we would wait till he would go, then one of us would run hoping not to get christened!!

We did manage all to escape without the christening and it was quite fun to watch and hear their roars for such little guys!! 


Dania & Mary at the op of the highest temple in Tikal!! Wow it was packed up there…so we stayed far away from the edge…and took in the most beautiful view over the jungle to the other ruin sticking out of the tress in the clouds!

As I stood there I started to think about how this must have felt for the Mayans and what their knowledge really did allow them to know….

“I’m beginning to think the Mayans may have known
a lot more than we do today!”

 The more knowledge that is unearthed the more I realize how much we do not know….We are blessed to be living in a time when we will see some incredible ancient knowledge unearthed over the next coming years that will shift our perspective to an entirely new paradigm.

                                               Slate Hand Carved from Rosario Diving God

                                              Slate Hand Carved from Rosario Diving God

It’s an exciting time to be alive, your Soul chose to be here at this turning point in our evolution….{Go HERE to sign up for The Way Showers Retreat in 2018} Join me next year to dive deeper into Your Souls Cirriculum and how it connects with the new paradigm….even better find out how you can contribute to the collective during this time!!


As we returned back to the lodge we found the ladies had just come back from shopping…and yes they found the best artisan with the best prices in town…of course!!




Today is Easter! Some of us went to Church down the street to experience the culture. Some of us went because they were being supportive…Long story, but as always made for lots of laughing and humor!


At breakfast the next day our tour guide calls Rosario and tells her that just after we came down from Temple IV in Tikal a large section of the stairs collapsed and many were injured…..Wow…now I know why Rosario had the dream with the jaguars…our hearts and prayers went out to all those injured. We took a few moments to be grateful for our timing and being watched over…

We continued having private sessions with Rosario, some of us took some quiet moments by the falls to meditate, some visited nearby ruins…another beautiful day!

As we come to a close we all had so much occur during our time in Belize that we had not been able to integrate it yet…we were all looking forward to some journaling and contemplation time when we returned home…

I find every retreat that I facilitate is like the fast train on my spiritual journey. I get to do what I love with the most incredible strong, compassionate, loving woman that I know we will all be in each others lives for the duration as we all have this Belizean Bond that no one else can relate to…

I am so blessed as I know when I take inspired action the Universe delivers the perfect group to support each other, just as it did last year and for my Bimini trip this coming July. Check Bimini Swimming With Wild Dolphins Retreat HERE.

As I look back on this journey I am already seeing and feeling what the next one has in store and who it will bring together!! Check HERE for details on next years "The Way Showers" Belize Retreat.