Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.
— John F. Kennedy

I go beyond where most professional hand analysts leave off, which is why my clients began calling me “the soul alchemist.”  Finding the key components that will turn hard, black moments and memories into shining, golden futures is an important alchemical and life-changing solution.

You deserve to live your best life now.  None of us are born knowing everything, nor are we born alone on this planet.  It is our interaction with each other that helps us to find our path.  I know that my life's purpose is to help others.

What's yours?  

             V.I.P. Intensives    

In these longer programs my clients are able to see the complete picture of support they have from the Universe, complete clarity and confirmation as they move forward.

               Soul Purpose Reading      

The key lies in the blending of your code with discovering any possible gift markings, talent markings, challenge markings, your relationship style, how you respond and give to the world!

  Master Mind Program

My signature system is designed to give women the road map to their life, unlocking their higher purpose and uncovering the tools to transform into the beautiful Soul Flower that you've always been.                

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