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I came very close to missing out on this opportunity — telling myself I didn’t have the time or money and that I needed to work, work, work.
The truth is that I get motion sick and I’m not that strong of a swimmer. Day 1 was rough with a brief dolphin encounter followed by 3 PAINFUL hours of full on sea sickness.
Did I also mention there was a water noodle involved? Yep - a flotation device. It had been a long time since swimming in waters like this and I was nervous.
After a meditation on Day 2 my soul said to get back out there and it was pure magic. The “noodle” was still with me but the waters were calmer and we were greeted by the most gentle spotted Dolphins.
Day 3 ... 10 knots of wind blew in unexpectedly which meant I was staying on land. It was perfect. I had been hoping to play around with FB live videos and was ready to dive into some more land healing work....(continued) 


When I was home work wasn’t feeling great because I was grinding myself into the ground. My mind was calling the shots and I had lost connection with the passion, the creative expressive side, the “magma”.
Now here I was doing what I love most on all levels — I was working but also living fully and it felt amazing!
I’m so grateful that my soul pushed me forward and said YES!
Thank you Marinna Rose for putting together this incredible experience and for not only reminding us but showing us that we are all limitless.
One of the first steps for me in allowing my soul to speak was to start to understand some of my spiritual gifts.
If you’d like to know yours, be one of the first 3 to respond below and I will “tap in” to the energy and will reply.
The only hitch is that I will reply right here for everyone to see because I want you to fully own and rock your spiritual gifts! It’s time to be seen for all that you are...
(Oh - and p.s. I finally ditched the noodle on day 4 and it felt sooo good!)

~ Kara Breese 2017 Bimini Retreat

I have been on a self discovery journey for some time now, and in the process I have met wonderful people to guide me through with their knowledge. Marinna Rose is one of them. About a month ago I had a hand reading session with Marinna. She explained to me the messages written on the lines of my palms and digits. This experience helped me see certain
aspects of myself that I had overlooked but are key to my true path. I took everything I learned
to deep meditation and now I am confidently making decisions that will bring big positive changes to my life. Thank you Marinna for your valuable advice!”
— Dania Jones Lic. Holistic Esthetician & Future Architect
“I am not even sure how to express my gratitude for my session I had with Marinna. She pegged everything completely. Like a jigsaw puzzle all the missing pieces in my life were found. Understanding on a deep level the why I am going thru what I’m going thru, but more important what specifically I need to do to turn my life around. To say it was empowering is an understatement. There is a peace I feel now that I didn’t feel before. It all makes sense. I am going to listen to her call again and again.”
— Caitlin Shultz
I had a Soul Purpose Reading from Marinna last year and I loved it for a number of reason, firstly Marinna is lovely, and I appreciated how authentic she is. The reading was very accurate in describing my patterns, shadow aspects and also highlighting my capacities and life purpose.
It was unlike any other reading I’ve had and it was inspiring to hear the potential bright path that can unfold before me.
She sent me a kit to prepare for the reading which involved making copies of my hand and finger prints for her to read. It was a fascinating experience especially after having watched a documentary on TV on the science of hand reading, especially in India where it’s being medically applied. So it was timely and synchronistic to have come across Marinna who was doing her own research in this area.
— Rosemary Volapto
Marinna’s expert hand analysis began with a fun at-home hand stamp process and ended with an incredible conversation about who I am and who I can become according to the DNA of my unique set of hand prints. Every time I go back to this reading, I am astounded by the information I find. It was so motivating and encouraging to learn about my life challenges and purpose! This reading dug deep into things I didn’t know about myself, including some big ah-hah moments about trusting my intuition, creativity and leadership potential. Marinna’s reading truly gave me a feeling of ease and permission to really go for the things I’ve been considering going for, like it’s okay to reach for the heavens and get the stars thrown in! One of the coolest things I learned from Marinna was that our hand prints can change as we evolve and grow but our fingerprints are unique and stamped for life. I highly recommend talking with Marinna and doing a hand analysis with her if you want clarity about your life’s purpose, want to put your doubts about your abilities to rest or just want to confirm what you might already know. It’s right up there as one of the best readings I’ve ever experienced! Thanks Marinna, you’re awesome! “it was amaazing and I still think about it so much!! Genius!!
— Pamela Wills CEO of The Creative Revolution
I must say that I have so much peace and power [now]. I now understand that my life’s path and purpose is unique to me and I can funnel my energy and personal power towards the direction of my true purpose. Marinna was so easy to talk to and took lots of time with me to ensure my understanding. She has this amazing ability to listen and present life’s challenges as potential positives. If you feel lost or unsettled about your life’s purpose, you MUST see Marinna... She has helped me tune out the noise and focus on what is important! You will not be disappointed.
— Lisa Daniels - July 2014
-Treyce Montoya, CEO / WEC

-Treyce Montoya, CEO / WEC

I was so honored to have been asked by Marinna to participate in her “Activate Your Power Within” event because I always welcome an opportunity to help those who may be struggling or searching for inner empowerment.

While preparing for the event, during the event, and after the event, I experienced Marinna only in very caring and professional ways. It was a bit rushed when Marinna found me online so it was a bit against the time-wire where a lot of people could become rattled or anxiety-ridden. She did not; she maintained professional composure.

These are just examples of why working with Marinna is truly one of the best business partnerships I had experienced and I would not hesitate to do it again. In fact, I would love the opportunity to work with her in an ongoing process.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I welcome the opportunity to discuss both Marinna and her projects.
— Treyce Montoya
-Sunny Dawn johnston, Author of invoking the archangels - a nine-step process to heal your body, mind, and soul

-Sunny Dawn johnston, Author of invoking the archangels - a nine-step process to heal your body, mind, and soul

Marinna asks the questions the listeners want to know. Throughout the interview it felt like it was an intuitively guided journey, not just simple a run of the mill Q&A session. I love that about Marinna.
— Sunny Dawn Johnston
I can’t begin to thank you enough for providing me with this opportunity to connect to you through your free coaching calls! I have never had the experience of interacting with a coach before and had no idea what I was in for. All I knew was that I had asked for guidance, and lo and behold, I see this offer in my inbox! (Seriously -like a day or two after praying for a sign!!) They were THE BEST phone conversations I have ever had with someone who I have never talked with before!!! There was an instant ressonance! Questions and answers just organically flowed with ease, there was no script, no sales pitch, just genuine connection and compassion. Looking back at my journaling of our conversation I did, I must say how grateful and thankful I am for the insights that unfolded during AND after our time together!!! There wa SO much I took from just our short time together, I can only say that this was a wonderful first introduction to coaching for me!! Thank you! It’s been and honor and blessing to work with such a grounded, intuitive, compassionate coach as yourself. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I look forward to a time in the near future where I can dive in!!
— Kristin Whipple
-Marilyn Bradford, Therapist, Teacher, and Speaker

-Marilyn Bradford, Therapist, Teacher, and Speaker

I recently had the pleasure of participating in Marinna Rose’s Activate Your Power Within tele-summit. From the first time I spoke with Marinna, I knew that she and her summit were beyond the ordinary. Marinna is not only a consummate professional, she is a gifted interviewer with a knack for drawing out the best from her guests. I really appreciated her pertinent questions and comments, her willingness to explore radically new ideas, and her commitment to both her guests and her audiences. Marinna is absolutely top notch!
— Marilyn Bradford, Therapist, Teacher, and Speaker

I’m blown away!

If I asked for a star, and God gave me a galaxy, I would be stunned… and delighted. If I asked for a definition, and someone gave me an entire dictionary, I would be stunned… and delighted. If I asked for a joke, and someone performed an entire stand-up routine, I would be stunned… and delighted. And when I asked for a life purpose reading based on my handprints and received what you delivered, I was stunned… and delighted.

I assumed I would be given some generic mumbo-jumbo, akin to reading my horoscope on the funnies page in the newspaper. How wrong I was. It was not a simple little paragraph full of meaningless platitudes. I was spellbound, not only by the precision of the information, but by how extensive it was.

I must admit, I have done a great deal of work on myself over the years, so much of what you said was not new to me. It was, however, a tremendous validation of the spiritual progress I’ve made, and it strengthened my resolve to go even further. It was like adding kindling to the dying embers of my goals and it has reignited them into a roaring bonfire. Now I’m all toasty and raring to go.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart line (or Jupiter mount, or something)
— Bob Wakitsch