Marinna Rose

Hello, I’m Marinna Rose; Soul Alchemist, Professional Soul Purpose Reader, Author, Speaker, Life explorer, Old Soul, and a human just like you. When I think of my life, and the transformation I’ve undergone, it helps me understand what changes you can make in your life, to find your soul’s purpose. We work together to unleash the blueprint of your soul, and open up the road map to fulfilling your highest potential.  

Curiosity, authenticity, self-love, and optimism; these are the values I live by. Over the years I have lived through lossaddiction, potential bankruptcy, and cancer; by using my intuitive internal guidance system and my belief in the power of our unique experiences, and found my life's purpose

It's time to transform your life.

Inside of every single person lies the potential
for absolute greatness.

Just imagine living your life full of confidence, having less stress and self-doubt.

Life is a journey that we all must take. There are those that understand the signs, figure out the answers to their questions, and reach the end line untouched. Then, there are those that lose their way, get caught up in the moment, and wander off into scary and unknown paths. When this happens, you have not failed. You’re still on the journey, you are just an Old Soul and took a harder path. Those who are lost need only a road map to find their true purpose. 

Soul Purpose Reading

Soul Purpose Reading is one of the tools used to work with clients that helps develop your life-strategy. You fingerprints and lines on your hand identify you as a unique individual. Just like the saying "Never judge a book by its cover", you must realize that these lines also go much deeper than the surface. Think of it as decoding your distinctive Soul Signature; the blueprint to your soul. 

We will work together to create an individual step-by-step plan by starting where you are in this very moment.  You will discover your Life Purpose, Life Lessons, and Life Path. The questions you have will be answered, and you will never have felt so determined to live out your purpose. 

You really do hold your life in your hands.