Are you 'Handling It' or are you 'Healing It'?

Maybe you don't actually know that you are "Handling it"?

Maybe you thought "Handling it" was the best you could know keep the peace in your life....?

Maybe you did not realize that "Handling it" means that you actually DO NOT have a HANDLE on it? I have just realized that by me thinking that I am "Handling it" means (In my case) I am trying to control the situation. Which I know never works and is coming from a place of FEAR. Anything we try to control we are in FEAR of...I know this...but... 

Hmm there is the BUT...when you choose different words like "I am Handling it the best I can" You trick yourself into thinking this "Handling it" is coming from LOVE...Well it's not I am sharing this because I have been having a rough patch and just had this epiphany about all of it and maybe it will help someone else.

So the bottom line is that it all hit me today when I was speaking about someone else's situation (which is how I could have the ah-ha moment because I am not emotionally connected) ... I said they have a choice of "Handling it" or "Healing it"....and if they handle it, it never gets healed and they will be "Handling it" to infinity!

There it was right in my face...I realized I had been "Handling it" and it was time that I started to "Heal it"...

It is so easy to see when it is not you. Thank you Universe for gifting me what seemed so obvious to others an opportunity for me to see it with my own eyes!

Sending Much Love & Gratitude!!