~2nd Annual Wild Dolphin Bimini Retreat~
July 2018

If you are like me and have always felt an intense Soul connection with Dolphins then this trip was created specifically for YOU!!

Coconut Cove dock (1).jpg

The home that we will stay in is right on the beach! You can watch stingrays swim by from the living room! It has a nice long dock to get close to the sea life and relax on. The house has 3 bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms, and an open concept living room/kitchen with island for eating while overlooking the water.

I came very close to missing out on this opportunity — telling myself I didn’t have the time or money and that I needed to work, work, work.
The truth is that I get motion sick and I’m not that strong of a swimmer. Day 1 was rough with a brief dolphin encounter followed by 3 PAINFUL hours of full on sea sickness.
Did I also mention there was a water noodle involved? Yep - a flotation device. It had been a long time since swimming in waters like this and I was nervous.
After a meditation on Day 2 my soul said to get back out there and it was pure magic. The “noodle” was still with me but the waters were calmer and we were greeted by the most gentle spotted Dolphins.
Day 3 ... 10 knots of wind blew in unexpectedly which meant I was staying on land. It was perfect. I had been hoping to play around with FB live videos and was ready to dive into some more land healing work.
When I was home work wasn’t feeling great because I was grinding myself into the ground. My mind was calling the shots and I had lost connection with the passion, the creative expressive side, the “magma”.
Now here I was doing what I love most on all levels — I was working but also living fully and it felt amazing!
I’m so grateful that my soul pushed me forward and said YES!
Thank you Marinna Rose for putting together this incredible experience and for not only reminding us but showing us that we are all limitless.
One of the first steps for me in allowing my soul to speak was to start to understand some of my spiritual gifts.
If you’d like to know yours, be one of the first 3 to respond below and I will “tap in” to the energy and will reply.
The only hitch is that I will reply right here for everyone to see because I want you to fully own and rock your spiritual gifts! It’s time to be seen for all that you are...
(Oh - and p.s. I finally ditched the noodle on day 4 and it felt sooo good!)
— Kara Breese 2017 Bimini Retreat


  • 5 Nights/ 6 Days
  • 2-3 Morning Yoga Classes 
  • One Prep Snorkel on the reef with guide
  • 4 Full Afternoon boat rides
  • Full Soul Purpose Reading, prior to trip. We'll dive deep into Your Soul's Messages (Long distance, private session)
  • All food for meals while in house, any meals and drinks outside of the retreat home are not provided. Includes desalinated water.   
  •  Bikes to roam the island, kayaks and snorkel gear 
  • A care package from Marinna with lots of goodies to prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime!

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                                            2017 Bimini Retreat 

                                            2017 Bimini Retreat 

What an amazing environment to practice Soul
work. Marinna leads the group through
ceremony, exploration and discovery. The
group setting was key to understanding pieces
of my own journey. The setting is picturesque
and tranquil. I can still hear the jungle when I
close my eyes.
— ~Lisa, Belize Retreat 2016

Why the retreat is special

I have swum with captive Dolphins a few times throughout my life and it was great, yet I never liked that they were captive... it just did not feel natural.  

Then I went to Bimini, Bahamas to swim with the Wild Spotted & Bottle-nose Dolphins and my life has been changed forever! The energy itself of the place was very powerful & electrifying... then came the swimming with my dolphin friends... WOW tough to put it into words how amazing these beings are! 

You must experience it for yourself to understand! 

I loved working with Marinna on her Soul
Mastermind Retreat, she lives in the flow of the
Universe, trusting her guidance as I do. It was
fabulous, would love to work with her again!
— ~Shelly Grande, Belize Retreat 2016

That is why I have created this incredible opportunity for YOU to do the same in a powerfully supported environment with like minded Souls on our own private boat with a small group (best way to experience this)…& of course the added bonus of working with me diving deep into Unleashing the Blueprint of Your Soul through the messages in your hands!


What To Expect 

  • 2-3 Morning Yoga classes 
  • One prep snorkel on the reef w/ our guide
  • 4 full afternoon boat rides to look for dolphins and hopefully swim with them as much as we can! Snorkel Bimini Road during one of the boat days.
  • All food for meals will be provided while in the house. Any meals & drinks outside of the retreat home will not be provided. We are planning for one night out for dinner on the North Island. We will be doing our own cooking and cleaning etc.. I will ask for a preference list for dietary needs so I can plan out meals for everyone for the week. 
  • Alcohol is not included (but soda/juice/coffee/milk are)
  • Includes desalinated Water all we need (they do not do bottled water they have a desalination plant they use...it was good water we drank it the whole time.



Flying over Bimini.jpg


A full Soul Purpose Reading for each participant done prior to the trip via conference call/recorded. Dive deeper for those that have already had a reading.

  • This retreat is all about the dolphins (of course) the boat goes out late afternoon between 2-3 pm comes back around 7 pm. The captain judges the weather and tries to pick the best days for us to go out of the 5 days we are there. Some days if it's too rough we can have the option of feeding the stingrays in the shallow waters (which would be cool too!) 
  • Includes Bikes to roam the island, kayaks & snorkel gear!
  • We will also be dining into The Atlantean history & Energy while we are there. Of course, as I mentioned Snorkeling Bimini Road.


This is a life changing trip, I am honored to facilitate this with the beautiful Souls that are being pulled to connect with the Dolphins! You will know if you are one of them…you will not be able to stay away!!