What Rules Do you live by?

Today, I would like to talk about the rules that I like to live by! Here are just a few!


  • Love yourself, even when you mess up!
  • Take time to smell the rose and listen to the birds of course!
  • Look at everything that happens in life good or bad as a lesson, sort of like a barometer of your path! When talking about your stories whether good or bad always end with, “But I am so blessed.”
  • Listen without waiting for your turn to speak.
  • Meditate.
  • Be yourself; not worrying that your frequency may be to too loud for others to handle…not your problem, maybe they need earplugs if it’s too much! Or maybe they will start resonating more to being themselves!
  • Live in the Present Moment.
  • Treat everyone how you like to treated.
  • Accept that where you are right now is perfectly where you are supposed to be.
  • Move your body! Get some exercise and go for a walk to be with nature.
  • Live on Purpose.
  • Accept all of life with open loving arms!
  • Help someone, even if it’s just giving him or her a smile.

As I can see as I read these back, I notice that a lot of them are focused on self. So you may be thinking these seem very selfish. Well to the contrary! We have nothing to give to anyone unless we nurture ourselves first.

Society has led us to believe that loving ourselves first is being selfish. It’s quite sad that this perception has been created. I feel this is a large reason for the unhappiness and depression that we see in our world today! Everyone is taught on some level not to do things that may hurt others. Well this is an interesting statement because just by being ourselves may hurt others! So some of us feel that we should dim our light to make others feel comfortable or happy.

Do you see where I am going with this? No matter what, we cannot make everyone happy or feel good in every situation. Therefore if we live life through this premise of not hurting others we will wake up one day and realize we do not know who we are. Not knowing why we feel so depressed and deprived of the life that we know we should be living. We have been doing everything right by societies standards, make others feel good, change ourselves to make others happy, holding back being different or having our on voice because that might upset someone.

Well I am here to tell you today that society has it all wrong! If you are living out of love, then nothing that you do can be wrong! If you are living out of fear of upsetting others then the one that suffers and feels wronged is YOU!

We are here to be our own beautiful unique selves. I implore you to Embrace Your Uniqueness today! By doing so you will create a ripple effect of happiness and joy! There is a reason why we are different and like different things. If we all embrace this we will find that all the pieces of the puzzle start to find each other.

By us standing in our own uniqueness we allow the river of energy in the Universe to flow without any damns in the way! Did you know that by not being who you truly are you are stopping the natural flow of the Universe? Did you know that we as individuals have that much power? It’s true.

So what are your rules that you like to live by? And are you helping the flow or are you a damn in the river?

This may be a new concept for you, so please do not take this in the wrong way, that you are a bad person for choosing others over yourself. This is great as long as you are not choosing to do this because of fear of not pleasing them. So just ask yourself, “ Am I doing this out of fear that they will not like me”, I may hurt them by making other choices?” or “Am I doing this out of love for them and I do not fear disappointing them”, “I am making the choices that I want to make for me?”

Love to hear your thoughts!

Here’s to being YOU!!!

At least stop and smell the roses today! Make sure the bee’s are not in there first!! Let’s not get that wake up call! LOL!