Taking a step Back...

Ok so I went a little deep in my last post! Sometimes I just let it flow. I am glad that it was pointed out to me that some have a difficult time starting this journey. I could not agree more. To be honest I did not even know that I had started the journey, which is probably how it begins for most.  As I look back it really started shortly after my Mother died from cancer almost 7 years ago. I was devastated, she was my best friend and I was powerless over helping save her. This was a very difficult time for me.

Unfortunately I found out in short order that her death was not the only mourning that needed to happen. Big parts of our family unraveled, which I had not prepared for. Let’s just simply say, the day that I lost my mother was the ending of an era in my life as well. Little did I know at the time what a new beautiful era to my life it would also ignite, especially from the hardest point that I had been through yet!

Now as I look back, I can see the actual day I started this journey. I will never forget that day. My good friend lent me this book to read. To be honest she probably could not take any more of my misery and complaining, I know I couldn’t, so I can only imagine how listening to me was!! The book was called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.  I took the book with me on the boat for the day. At this point I had not read a book in a long time, I was a magazine girl then! I opened the book and could not put it down. I finished it by the afternoon and  I have honestly never been the same person since.

This day was my turning point! The air was cleaner, the sky was bluer, the birds were singing! I knew suddenly for the first time that I had a choice!

I could now sit in gratitude for all the good and the bad that entered my life from this event. I had to go to the extreme of despair to realize the depth of my potential and my purpose. This is what I call “Loving Your Dirty Waters”! I write about this in my ebook! Luckily I had stopped drinking 3 years prior, because I would not have had the clarity or discernment to see the choice.

This allowed me the realization that I was allowing other’s to have power over my happiness and life. Trust me, at the time I would have said you were crazy that I could learn anything form the hell that I felt I was living in.  I could only take the steps as they appeared in front of me, one at a time. I was so disconnected from myself and the universe everything felt hard.

When you can learn from the tough situations that are put upon you, this is when you start appreciating the whole!  I had a choice, I could have lived in extreme anger blaming everyone else for my misery, or I could choose as I did to move forward and forgive. By doing this I took my power back . Forgiveness can be done in many different ways, but the way that I look at it forgiving other’s is the only way to move forward.  After that the decision is up to you how they are part of your life. I know this can be a touchy area for many, so I will go deeper with this down the road. Trying to keep it light, how am I doing…?

My journey was not overnight, I think of starting this journey like turning a big ship and it takes a lot of time and energy to turn the direction. Don’t forget the sudden rough seas that throw you off course, just as you think you are almost smooth sailing! Patience and Perseverance it will take from there to get back on heading again!

Then the process emerges from this point, only you can decide how fast you go or what you are ready for. I strongly feel that we are presented with the perfect situation to handle at certain times in our life. When this happens we have a choice to appreciate and learn from it or not. Trust me if you choose the latter the Universe will keep presenting, stronger and stronger, until it clicks or we are not here to have the opportunity presented anymore.

So, I just wanted to give you a quick glimpse of my past and how I started my journey. Thank you for allowing me into your lives, I do not take that lightly. My mission is to help you wherever you are on your journey.

Where are you at your journey? What can I discuss on my next post that may be of help to you?

Signing off with a shout out to my friend Lisa! Thank you for your continued support and friendship. The simple act of being a friend when you had heard enough and lending me the book “The Secret” changed my life!