What do Pain & Roses have in common?

So why is it that we can love something so much like a rose that has thorns, that almost always hurt us, yet with other things in our life we expect perfection, beauty and no pain. We cannot have one, without the other, this is duality. We have a very difficult time wrapping our head around accepting pain and seeing it what its purpose is. It is there to tell us something, sometimes a warning of sorts, possibly a recognition needs to happen; it has a HUGE PURPOSE always. So I want you to think about how you can shift your perception of pain, at least think about it for me!

Quick example: Have you ever had a day that everything seemed off. At every turn you spilled your coffee, all the work you did was mistake after mistake, you were in a state of agitation? But for some reason you just kept going, not really seeing these little warning signs of pain, and thinking I just have to keep going! Then all of a sudden you find yourself hit with a BIG MISTAKE or like me HURT yourself physically? Oh yes, I can recite many of these stories and the answer is always “Why did I not see the warning signs all day long? All I needed to do was PAUSE and be in the PRESENT MOMENT…but I thought I could out think the moment LOL!!! Yeah who’s laughing now? So let’s just say for the quick example this was I the other day and the day ended with me stabbing my heel into a screw on the boat! Yikes, did I hear that wake up call!

So does this resonate with you? How many of you have had days, weeks or even years like this? So to make a long story short, I felt the pain and was made to BE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT, immediately saw the beauty that the pain delivered. I want to help you recognize this before it gets way out ahead of you and the beauty seems untouchable it’s not trust me, no matter how far in the distance your perception makes it seem; that is an illusion!

So back to my Rose, If we could only be visualizing this beautiful Rose when we get poked with that thorn knowing that IS the end result after the pain subsides, then we would be able to stay in our Key Resonance all of the time, which is the KEY to allowing all that is meant to come your way on every level! And don’t forget, I mean every level, so this again means you will have pain brought in at times when it is necessary for you to learn something that you may not be recognizing with out it.

“Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.”
Alphonse Karr

That is the kicker here people; pain is part of our life here, it is how we learn. This could be pain from:
• losing a loved one
• Pain from knowing a decision that you are making from your soul will hurt a loved one
• pain over taking an assessment on your life and seeing where you are right now for the first time being your responsibility and not everyone else’s fault
• pain for having your friends choose others over you (when it actually has nothing to do with you and how good of friend you are~it’s about them)
• pain from realizing that you have been living for someone else all the years and not for your own soul putting everyone else first~this hurts when you see that by doing this, all you have been doing is enabling others to stay in their own comfort zone and you stay in no man’s land~LOL
• pain from poor health making it difficult to stay in your Key Resonance
• pain from loosing a job or simply from stabbing your heel with a screw!

Everywhere we could look we can choose to see and feel the thorns or we can choose to see, feel and smell the beautiful rose that blossoms from the pain and acknowledge this beauty would not exist in our life without this duality.

Here’s to the beauty of duality that the rose so eloquently teaches us!

So next time you feel your energy shift even from having simply an off day, simply BE PRESENT and you may ward off the bigger message that is inevitable if you aren’t PRESENT!