Ditch the Resolutions!

Ditch the Resolutions for some R & R!!!

Yes, I said it and I meant it! Let me ask you, how many times have you actually set New Years Resolutions and they have stuck through the year and more? I know, I am sure there has been a couple, but for the most part they die off mid February!

My advice this year is to let go of what no longer serves you and bring in more of what does serve you! So no have to’s going on here, just gentle Releasing and Receiving. Yes, this is what I mean by R & R, allowing the circle of life to flow through you is in my eyes the best way to ring in the New Year! Are you with me? I hope so because I have a feeling that this year is going to bring tremendous transformation to those that choose to be living in the present moment more!

Here are some tips on Releasing:

~Take some time around these transitional days into the New Year to evaluate what has not been serving you in this year that we are saying goodbye to. I would start with the physical & material stuff that you have been thinking about
getting rid of!

• You know like your closet that is starting to creep out of the doors because instead of going through what you don’t need you just keep putting more stuff in! You know that you need to do this when you go and by a top because you forgot that you had one that would have been just perfect in the back of your closet!

• How about your basement, hmmm yeah this is the last place that gets done. It’s the throw all room, but think about how much lighter you will feel when you walk down there the next time, having more space and everything you have left there has a purpose! Ahhh just talking about it I feel lighter!! Yes this is one that I need to tackle, can you tell!!

• Ahhhh the infamous email overload! How many emails do you have still in your in box?? I am so guilty of this myself and it honestly bogs you down! I just spent an entire morning deleting! Time to file the ones you need and clean her up folks!!

Trust me this is cathartic and a great way to start releasing the old to make room for the new! I would like to add one thing with this though, make sure that you research where you decide to give your items or clothing away if you are giving them to an organization. Some places do fantastic things with your donations and those are the ones that I want to work with!

For example see if you have a children’s home, a shelter that helps people in transition in your town or city. The point is to try the continuum in the awareness of the full circle instead of “it’s not my problem anymore” and dumping them off somewhere not knowing how they handle their donations. I have to admit I have done this for a long time myself thinking that the money was going to the right people, now I know and do my own research! Try to help someone out, maybe you know someone personally that is having a tough time and could use some of your items! How cool is that when you can use what you no longer need to help someone else out?

P.S. It’s ok if you can’t let go of some stuff! It’s a process and as long as you start, it shifts the energy! It’s all about action baby!!!

~Now that we have covered releasing what you can see & feel, how about energetically? Now this is where you can start writing things down! I so feel that in writing things down makes it more concrete, more energy behind it! Then what is even better is you can Burn it Baby!! Yes, I am liking the baby thing…sorry! Yes “Burn it Baby”!! I have spoken about this before, but make sure you do it safely and as you burn your things that you want to let go of, be sure to feel them being transmuted into the air via the smoke from the fire! Then be sure to either bury the remaining pieces lingering, flush them or wash them down the drain! This is powerful!

• You know relationships that you may want to take a closer look at that are not in alignment with your highest and best. Maybe not end the entire relationship, but decide the place of this relationship, placing boundaries with some and becoming closer with others that are in more alignment with you!

• Your attitude…hmmm has been good? Anything that you would like to change?

• Career, how is that going for you? Are you happy in your career and living your passion and purpose? If not this present moment is the best time to start making changes that will get you there!

• Fears, oh this is huge! Yeah, I know your probably saying that you don’t have any, but I bet if you think about it and go deep there have been some things that you have missed out on because Fear got in the way! This is a good time to ask, “Where is this fear coming from?” “What purpose does it serve?”

Time to take a peaky at this one…and I am so with you on this! This is going to be my Fearless Year! Want to join me?

Tips on Receiving:

~First you need to know that you were born worthy to receive love and anything that your soul desires, it is your birth right! This can be a tough one for a lot of us and it really is something we need to be better at, when we cannot receive with open arms, no judgment or apologies, we do not allow the full circle of energy flow through us. We block it, unknowingly, which subsequently stops what is meant for us to arrive because we are sending the frequency out that we are not worthy, which also leaves us with less to give. It is something that we are not taught about and in my eyes is one of the key pieces of Knowledge that is stopping so many of us from living the life of our dreams in joy, love & abundance!

• Choose to live in Awareness~If you are not paying attention the Universe will deliver something right to your door and you will let it go by because it was not in the right package!! Being in Awareness is so important on so many levels, but this is a very important one that if applied will change your life! Don’t hold back when an opportunity is presented that seems so right, but alas you come up with every excuse in the book to not take action on it. Just Do It!! As Nike states so clearly, the Universe has delivered, don’t look the gift horse in the mouth! If you do this too many times the gift stops showing up!

• Clarity~Know what you want before it knocks on your door! This is one of the biggest issues, so many of us are indecisive which cause us to loose out on so many opportunities! So I am not asking you to make a resolution, just become clear on what you want so you are ready when it knocks! Let’s be honest great opportunities don’t wait around until we have weighed out all the pro’s and con’s!

• Courage~Be courages! Yes, sometimes we say we want something, but when it does show up we really need to make some major decisions that can be risky and life changing! This takes some cohune’s and when you can make these decisions backed with courage you will be amazed what the Universe has in store for you! Talk about taking action!

• Blind Trust~To be able to take these action steps that I am talking about here, you must have unwavering Blind Trust in the Universe backing you! At times you may even feel like the steps you are taking is like stepping off a building and trusting that someone is there to catch you. I call it Blind Trust because it is believing in the unseen and non existent reality that surrounds you. You must be able to trust that everything is perfectly aligned for you at every moment, being in gratitude and trusting it’s purpose!

• Gratefully Accept Compliments & Support~When someone pays you a compliment, accept it with the energy of gratitude, don’t start back pedaling that you are not that good etc…just say “Thank you.” The same thing goes for when others want to support you. I know this has been a hard one for me personally, I have this independence streak that I do not need any help, I can always do it myself! Once I have opened up to those that are there to support me, I realized that I could still keep my independence and be open to receiving help! This also completes the circle of energy flow and by being more open to this has blossomed some incredible relationships in my personal life and business. Just be open to it when it is offered.

This concludes my tips on Ditching the Resolutions for some R & R!! And yes, you deserve some Rest & Relaxation too! Combine both R & R’s and you will be off to a fantastic New Year!!

Much Love & Success to you this Year!!

~Marinna Rose!