Message in a Bottle

Guinness Book of World Records~
The oldest message in a bottle spent 97 years and 309 days at sea. A drift bottle with number card 646B, was recorded by Captain Brown (UK) as being released at 60 00.00'N 000 39.00'E on 10 June 1914. It was recovered by fisherman Andrew Leaper (UK), skipper of Lerwick fishing boat Copious, at 60 6.37'N 000 25.17'E on 12 April 2012.
The bottle was discovered 9.38 nautical miles from the position it was originally deployed. Bottles with messages were used as part of scientific experiments to chart water currents. Captain Brown conducted experiments in this vein in the early twentieth century and the launch of this particular bottle features in his log book. Captain Brown deployed the drift bottles for the Fishery Board for Scotland. The Fishery Board for Scotland also had a laboratory at Nigg Bay, Aberdeen which is not far from the present location of the present Marine Laboratory site. In 1923 the Marine Laboratory was set up at its present location in Aberdeen and continued the work that had been run by The Fishery Board for Scotland albeit in a different location and department name. The Captain Brown log book would have been transferred to the Marine Laboratory, Aberdeen at this point. The Marine Laboratory continued drifter work from this location up to the late 1950s/early 1960s
Interesting, that is how a “message in a bottle” was used!

Well that is not what we used ours for this weekend!
Have you ever written a message and placed it in a bottle to send your wish to the Universe? Well that is exactly what we all did this past weekend. We had family and friends on our boat for the afternoon to celebrate summer, family a few birthdays, you name it we were celebrating life! The night before I was running about getting ready and saw these “Message in a Bottle’s” at a Christmas Tree shop (if you live in New England you know the store!) I just couldn’t resist, how fitting for our day on the boat!

I started thinking this is the best gift ever, because I can not top what the Universe has at it’s disposal (which is infinitely everything) to offer anyone, but I can help facilitate the gift to connect with the Universe and write out exactly what you want! Only you have the power to align with the Universe and allow your truest desires to unfold. I have to say, it made the day very memorable, the kids of course loved it the most! My nephew did not want to go to bed with out it!

Of course I am not advocating that you drop it in the sea, but just the act of writing out what you truly desire and placing it in a special place to connect to the same frequency is very powerful stuff! “There is music in your words. When they are written the Universe starts to resonate to your tune!” ~Marinna Rose

So what are your wishes? I would love it if you took just a few minutes today and asked yourself if I could have anything that I desired and there were no limitations, what would that be? What would it look like? What would it feel like?

We are the only limitations. It is us that holds back all that is possible in our lives. We create these imaginary reasons, excuses…hmmmm does that sound like maybe our mind is getting in the way of our infinite selves? Try to put her on the side table for a few minutes, don’t ignore her, tell her you very much appreciate all that she does for you and lovingly put her aside to take a rest.

Now you can allow the expansiveness to wander. Even writing this I feel completely open to all that is possible, just keep expanding your field of thoughts beyond you, knowing the walls are gone and the doors are wide open…what do you see? It is there in your vibrational field just a few frequencies away. What do you feel? Focus on that and see what you feel in your body viscerally, feel the joy, freedom, elation of connecting with this. This is you, it is you as your highest self! It exists all the time, everywhere for you to connect with, anytime you choose!

“There is great power in our words, because they
are thoughts to which we have given additional energy by speaking them aloud so another person can know them.”
― Molly Friedenfeld, The Book of Simple Human Truths: Inspiration, Love & Wisdom

When you write your wish, write it in present tense. It is here in the NOW. For example you can start with “I am so happy and grateful now that…..” When you ask for it in the future then it will always be in the future, feel untouchable. For example “I wish for … my life.” Just try the two ways of asking and feel how that feels in your body. When you say it already exists you bring that vibration of that desire in and through you. When you wish for it you actually make it separate from you, not allowing you to connect with the frequency of your desire!

Remember, everything that you need is already within you! So when you are speaking or writing to the Universe you are allowing the emergence of your true self to come to the surface. So it is not over there or in the future; it is right here, right now just waiting for you to resonate it’s frequency!

I just love talking about this! It took me sooooo long to realize this, I was always searching outside of myself and continually frustrated that my desires stayed outside of myself…LOL!! When I finally got it life has never looked the same! I would love to help facilitate your message to the Universe { Click HERE for a Clarity Session}

I know that this can be confusing, believe me I understand. Just think about it and try the exercise of asking the two different ways, allowing your body to tell you what feels better! No matter what promise me that you will at least focus on your true desires and write one of them down to get the vibration started. This way your truest desires will at least have a chance of connecting to that frequency!

I am sure you can guess what my message is since I just told you in my last post that “I am ready for my Island in Belize!” Of course this is what I say when asked about it, but when I speak to the Universe I say and write “I am so happy and grateful now that my Healing Island in Belize is running financially smoothly transforming others through swimming with the dolphins and connecting with the incredible experts that offer their programs exclusively here. I am so blessed!”


“What is your message in the Bottle?” I would love to know!

Much Love~Marinna!