3 Keys to Discover Your Life Purpose

Ever wondered why you are here? Do you have moments of wondering what all this is about and what your place is in all of it?

Well if you do, you are not alone. Most of us are searching for our purpose and how we can implement it sooner than later when our time is short.

1) Follow Your Passion

Most of us have had a spark throughout our life that has been dimly lit in the background; that thing that makes you light up inside. Sometimes, that spark doesn’t make sense so we keep it dim and wonder why it keeps following us around. Well that spark of passion is your life purpose trying to express itself, it may not make sense now, but that spark is leading you down the path to amazing fulfillment.

2) Trust Yourself

Now that you have started to see where your passion and purpose lies, the next step is to start trusting your inner guidance. I suggest you do some intuition exercises, for example, the next time the phone rings tap into your inner guidance and see who it is before looking. This is so fun and it really strengthens your intuitive muscle. At first it can be hard, but keep trusting and don’t second guess yourself. In building this trust that dim spark will become brighter as you pay more attention to it, and your path will become clearer.

3) Know Your Weaknesses

The last key in pulling this all together is being able to acknowledge your weaknesses. I know your thinking “What does that have to do with my life purpose?” Well, it actually has everything to do with living your life purpose.

We are not able to fully live our life purpose if we have not been able to recognize, work on and heal our deepest weaknesses. It simply is just not possible. This is what gets in the way for most people when they get so close to living their life purpose and then hit a wall. In embracing our weaknesses we remove our roadblocks and can even turn those weaknesses into strengths!

Living our life purpose is not the destination itself, but the journey along the way. When you find your path and your passion, weakness becomes strength, pain becomes purpose, and nothing can stop you!

~Marinna Rose brings her clients from pain and struggle to Soul Purpose, igniting their entrepreneurial spirit. She loves working with her Signature System “and 21 Steps to Soul Discovery that blends all of her specialty knowledge into one laser focused system that reignites her clients purpose and mission.

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