Fear and Cancer

Did you know that the one thing that you find yourself fearing the most is what you actually end up finding in your life? Think about it in the terms of simple Law of Attraction, what you think about, you bring about! 



I want to discuss this on a couple of different levels today. The first level being you bring about the fears that you feel of outside circumstances and the other being how you bring about the fears that you feel happening on the inside of you physically. When we fear someone, something or an outside circumstance happening to us or having control over us, this by default is attracted magnetically by the Law of Attraction; “what you think about, you bring about”. When you fear an illness, or a physical part of you not functioning correctly, again by default “what you think about, you bring about.”


Let me add a disclaimer of course, disease and life changing circumstances happen for all kinds of reasons, not just brought on by you. So please understand this is just one look at how and why these things happen to us!


For example, I was just on the phone with a good friend of mine and she has a bad cold. The interesting thing is that two weeks ago she was bragging about how this is the first winter that she has not gotten sick! Everyone around her has been terribly ill and she has been in perfect health. Alas she started to think about not being sick, in this case, the only way the Universe reads that is “You want it” because you are allowing it into your consciousness! I know that we all can relate to this because this happens to me all the time!


I am giving that story as just a small example of how powerful our thoughts and feelings are. I know some of you are thinking that she could have just easily been run done and caught it from someone, well yes that is how it happens, but let me give you a sneak peak of what Dee Wallace, connected with her spiritual energetic channel says about says about cancer in particular.


What made a huge impression on me is they say, “We accept it is reality.” This information may be hard to wrap your head around, but I feel strongly that it is important for me to share her message! Maybe read it again later if it does not make sense now; just promise me to think about what her channel & guide is telling her that we need to hear.


Yes, another disclaimer! Dee Wallace speaks of cancer in this message from an energetic viewpoint, meaning she is not talking about it at all from a medical or personal perspective, but from the perspective of our cultural energetic consciousness. This, of course does not mean that cancer physically happens because of us, however for those who believe in manifestation and creational energy, it seeks to answer the fundamental question of why we are energetically attracting cancer on such a large scale.


"From the point of view of our work, we must ask ourselves: Why do we keep creating the disease called cancer? Why do we need it, want it, deserve it, attract it, never have a problem with it and are able to create it? I want to ask the channel each specific one.

  • Why do we need it?  The first answer that comes in is money.
  • Why do we want it?  It satisfies the attention we need from ourselves and others. 
  • Why do we deserve it?  Because we don't know we are God and we don't love ourselves. 
  • Why do we attract it?  By default. We are not consciously creating otherwise, so the virus finds us.
  • Why do we never have a problem with it?  This stunned me: because we accept it is a reality.  Ergo, no choice. 
  • Why are we able to create it? Because we are focused on it, expect it, and are in fear of it. 

All of the above makes us victims to this disease. And victims do not have the vibration, mental stamina, and emotional strength to create the opposite positive experience.  


As an individual in charge of our own creation, we must acknowledge that the collective consciousness embraced this hypnotic illusion, and fallen prey to it.  We know we must each stand in the truth to shift the majority consensus.


Obviously, the steps above must begin, again, with loving yourself. But there is an even earlier step I am being told: We must quit lying to ourselves/hustling ourselves/playing games with ourselves.  Basically, we have to choose. Does holding the focus of love and joy create everything...or not...or maybe just some things. It is that wishy-washy place of non-commitment, not knowing, that is thwarting us creating perfect, glorious health here. Do we stand strong in this conviction of what we know: that feeling overwhelmed, beaten down, stressed out, judgmental toward ourselves, non-accepting of ourselves, and a victim to life creates disease in every subject? Do we stand strong in knowing that self-love, self-acceptance, honouring the self, having fun with life and laughing creates wellness in every subject? Within the very self we are?


Choose in this moment. Which one do you believe? Or are you still in the "It works here but not there/I think it's true most of the time/I sort of get it" place?


Where will you joyfully hold your focus this week?

Which choice will empower you?

Because that choice creates you.

And your life."


 Blessings, Dee


Here is another key piece to her message I would like to point out. What Dee says about being victims, “Victims do not have the vibration, mental stamina and emotional strength to create the opposite positive experience.” I really want you to read that again. When you are living in a victim vibration, saying “It’s everyone else’s fault” you are being kept down in such a low vibration that you are blocking yourself from creating a positive experience!


I will relate another personal story that emerged the truth of itself in reading Dee’s message! A few years back when I was going through quite a difficult time in my life I found a spot on my face, that the Doctor told me was cancer, but it was basel cell which does not normally spread and is the least of all evils. There are many parts to this story, but for this purpose I will only tell you that I just realized that the only thing earlier in my life that I feared was skin cancer. 


I love the sun, it gives me energy and is where I am just happiest at the beach, swimming, boating you name it! But of course everyone tells us that it is bad for you and you will get skin cancer if you are in it, period, no questions asked. So that was the reality that I allowed to permeate through my thoughts and energy, lo and behold there came the day I was told, “Your thoughts and feelings were true and they became real.”


I am certain that the rough times that were encompassing me in my life just gave this enough life along with my fear of it. It was like the “Perfect Storm”. It really did not hit me that one of the causes was me actually giving my attention, making it reality with a fear based emotion until I read this message!


Please understand that I come from a place where I do feel that we create our circumstances, and yes they can be horrific at times and this may be hard to grasp, I do not ask that you agree, just that you think about the idea.



I want to leave you with these thoughts:


#1-When you are doing what your heart & soul desires and you are at your best joy, then you have NOTHING to fear, but fear itself! So take it from me, don’t allow it in! Tell it that there is no room for it here!


#2- Remember that God or whatever you feel comfortable with calling your higher power, be it the Universe, god, goddess, your highest self, etc. is within YOU! The power that exists in God exists within YOU, so you have the power to decide your reality! Do not allow the masses to brainwash you into living from fear, that life just happens to us and we are only here to respond! It’s actually the opposite, we are conscious creators and if we choose not to acknowledge and accept that then we have life by default…I know what my choice is, of course it is always a work in progress, but just being in the awareness of the creation is a better vibration!


#3- Whenever you find yourself playing the victim, remember playing this part has its penalties! In my eyes the penalties are huge and you surrender all control by playing this part! I want you to ask yourself this question: Has me playing the victim in any area big or small in my life up until now helped me in a positive way? See what you come up with!


I’ll get off my soapbox now, but before I go I would like to give you the link to Dee’s site {http://iamdeewallace.com/} I had the pleasure of meeting Dee at Joe Vitale’s event in Austin back last year. I have to say I have never met anyone with such contagious, vibrant & loving energy! During her speech I just wanted to get up and support her in all of her messages that she delivered! She tells it like it is and for me that is the only way! I just loved her immediately! She also has written some incredible books, been in a gazillion movies, I am sure you remember her from E.T.! She is a real person, with a real story and a real mission to help those of us that are having difficulty with why we are here!


She is also getting ready to launch a one on one 90 day coaching program that is an amazing opportunity to work with Dee and co-create transformational results in your life! To find out more, {http://iamdeewallace.com/}!


Much Love to everyone! If I could give everyone one thing it would be NO more FEAR! I would take away everything that triggers this in our minds!


Here’s to living life Fearlessly! Are you with me? I promise it will be an interesting ride; that I can guarantee!