I'm Ready!!

Yes Universe I am Ready! I am sure some of you are aware about my big vision of a Healing Island Resort in Belize w/Dolphins, if you are not aware this has been my Big Vision Goal for the last 4 years. Well 2 days ago I went to look on line to check on my island, see how she was doing, to my utter disappointment status read: SOLD! My heart sank for a minute and then I started thinking.

I thought back to a lot of big disappointments in my past and how in the long run were blessing’s in disguise! Every time I did not receive what I strongly desired, I received even better than I could have imagined for myself if I tried! But at that moment I seriously felt a hole in my heart, thinking nothing can ever measure up to this missed opportunity. I could recount many stories of this throughout my life, and yet every time the Universe somehow knows what fits us better than we do. It sees us gently through the disappointment smiling the whole way, quietly saying, “You’ll be thankful someday”!

Remembering this allowed me to switch to “Wow, I think that the Universe has something so magnificent waiting for me that I could not have even imagined it, that is why!” It got me thinking of why I chose this particular island. Why was this the end all, be all for me? I started to realize that I was doing what I tell other people not to, only aiming for what I thought I could obtain! Hello AH HA moment people! I know this, I know this, I usually do not aim for the obtainable, remember my boat story that I spoke about with Bob Proctor. I was only aiming for what I wanted, everyone thought I was crazy including my husband, but in the end we got our dreamboat at the price we could afford. Still looking back it is hard to believe that we bought it for pennies on the dollar! I probably would not believe it unless it happened to me and it did!

So back to the island goal, for some reason what I really wanted seemed too big for me to accept that it was attainable. I was having the inner dialogue of “You are crazy, that is not possible, blah blah blah…” Really just repeating what others would say to me when I would discuss my goal and idea. So, guess I tamed it down to not feel that extreme resistance from others when I would talk about it. This energetically allowed me to have my dream and feel congruent with it, which in this matter seemed necessary for me.

So there are two parts to this. One is that I think it’s ok to aim for what you can energetically align with at this time, just know that the Universe will always come to interfere if it thinks it knows better than you; which it usually does! But it needs some direction, so whatever direction you can show it, it will take. See the Universes does not have the fears and blockages that we do, so it will take you to the most magnificent of places that you point it in the direction of, as long as you are open, aware and thankful!

I believe this goes the same with healing as well. I have a few stories for this as well, I cannot tell you how strongly I feel about this and how powerful we are when it comes to healing ourselves. I firmly believe that we know what is best for us, I will talk about this another day because this is a very powerful story. So I know personally how hard it is to think it is possible to heal, especially when the doctors may be telling you something else or there is only one option. Remember there is never only one option; there is only the option that is best for you! So focus on what you can energetically align yourself with as possible, as clear as you can and allow the Universe to take a paddle if necessary to get you the rest of the way!

Two is you are wondering about the “I am Ready” where does this fit in? Well it’s funny up until a week ago I was saying that the island will happen. These last few days I started saying “I am Ready for the Island”! So I have shifted my energy around it and have told the Universe “Bring it on baby, I am Ready!” So when the island that I had hoped for came up SOLD, I knew fairly quickly that it is time to start aiming for the stars! Sometimes we are not ready energetically for what are mind thinks we are, or vice versa. It’s almost like we have to bring them both into balance then we all connect mind, body, soul & Universe; and watch the magic unfold!

So what have you been saying that “Will Happen” in your life? Ask yourself “Why do I keep saying it will happen?” “What is stopping me from making it happen?” or “It is happening right now this very moment?” Maybe you will come up with some things that are in the way that you need to take care of first, that’s fine, take care of them, then ask your self these questions again. Or maybe you are just simply READY! I know I am READY!

So who’s going to join me in being ready and making it happen? More importantly who is going to join me on my Island in Belize? You know that you are all invited! I will have a special event just for my peeps that were supporting me when as it sits in my vibrational escrow!

By the way Universe if you are listening, which I know you are “ I am Ready to obtain and create my beautiful Island Resort in Belize, Healing with the dolphins, having exciting transformational speakers offering their programs and growing organic food from our farm on the mainland!”

Signing off in complete gratitude for everything that I have had, have in this moment and have in the future! And yes, I mean everything good and bad!

Sincerely~Thank you!

Marinna Rose xoxoxo