In the spirit of the 4th of July celebrating our freedom in the beautiful USA has me thinking deeply about our freedom that we all innately have within.

We all have the KEY to Freedom! How incredible is that? No matter where we are, what country we live in, who we are with or what our circumstances are. When I speak of freedom, I speak about it in regards to freedom of our thoughts and choice of how we respond to life’s circumstances that come upon us.

Some of us may have physical disabilities, financial troubles, illnesses, maybe live in countries where you are held down from succeeding or allowance of freedom of speech etc…I understand that you at this time do not have freedom on these levels because of this. But even with outside factors such as these you do have freedom in your thoughts! We all own the power to choose our thoughts and the energy that we live in moment to moment.

So we have the freedom to choose how we respond to these freedoms being taken from us….this is where it becomes important to pay attention….this is the changing point in what is brought into your future on every level….at this point you must understand that you are about to own the responsibility for your future….You and only You have the freedom to choose how you respond to these circumstances!

So just please use the 3 second rule! I love the 3 second rule….don’t do anything until you wait 3 seconds!! Think and feel deeply about how you are about to or have been responding to these circumstances that are upon you…Think of the freedom that you gain even more of when you do not allow these outside circumstances to effect your happiness, energy, outlook or perception! I love that! You gain even more freedom then you started with when the circumstance came upon you when YOU choose to not let it shift your energy, ruffle your feathers, fry your bottom….I think you get the picture!!

But alas, if you choose the other option you actually start to give the key to your own freedom away….Very tricky…you say “Yeah, but I am only responding to life that is coming at me, how can my response take anything away from me?” Well when you allow an outside factor to have effect on your mood, energy attitude etc…YOU give YOUR POWER AWAY to that exact thing that you wish had not entered your life! EEEKs…I do not even like writing that, but needs to be said…and I know easier said than done!

This week is a time for us all to reflect on Freedom and what it means on a very personal level beyond the politics! I will quote a song that was brought to my attention by a good friend of mine Diane Marie Ford. I hope you check her out she is incredible to work with, you can find her at She was part of our Educational Series, she co-councils with your Ancestors! The quote is from The Youngbloods “Get Together”…

You must Understand

You hold the KEY to Love & Fear

All in your trembling hand

Just ONE Key unlocks them both

It’s there at your command

We ALL hold the KEY, but we all have the freedom of which door to unlock…So please take 3 seconds to remember that you do have the freedom to live in LOVE or FEAR…

Which one do you CHOOSE?

I hope that all of you and your families have a wonderful 4th of July appreciating FREEDOM on every level!