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The first two classes of Marilyn Bradford’s ground breaking series: Ending The Primary Addiction: Judgment and The Wrongness of You. Click to Download

Margaret Paul’s Beyond Addictions and Compassion for Self. Click to Download

Christel Hughes’s “Taking Back Your Power” Package, valued at $127. Click to Access

Kerry Tepedino’s Six Secrets For Finding Inner Wealth. Click to Access

Paul Radkowski’s Understanding Trauma and Addiction. Click to Download

Steve G. Jones’s Abundance Hypnosis, valued at $79Click to Download

Kate Arnold’s audio and pdf file explanation of teachings on “Which School of Life are you enrolled in?”, a scientific based Hand Analysis, valued at $97 Click to Access

Gina Rafkind

The Five-Point Anxiety Reduction Plan ~ how to shift from anxiety onto a healing odyssey  
Download & Transcripts

Free Bonus Gift: Golden Wave Meditation

Special Purchase: Gina’s Inner Peace Odyssey

Connie Bennett

5 Foolproof Ways to Release Your Sugar or Carb Habit in the New Year—Even if that’s The Last Thing You Want to Do Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: 12 Tips to Let Go of Your Sugar Addiction

Special Program: The Sugar Freedom Now Course

Steve G. Jones

Overcome Addictive Behavior

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Unlimited Confidence Hypnosis

Special Purchase: Hypnosis Platinum Package

Carolyn Cooper

Healing Your Emotional DNA: are addiction patterns in YOUR genes?

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Weight Loss 2012 MP3 file

Special Purchase: Energy Healing Clean & Simple Online Course

Sherry Gaba

Metaphysics meets Filling the Empty Heart

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Manifest Holistic Health

Special Purchase: The Somatic Recovery Technique

Kerry Tepedino

Shatter the Toxic Inner Dialogue & Break Free From Addictions Forever

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: 25 Stress Busters That Will Change Your Life Immediately!

Special Purchase: One-on One Session and Fast Track Bonus

Nikki Myers

The Issues Live in the Tissues

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Free Seat in a Y12SR Online Intensive  

Dr. Margaret Paul

Inner Bonding: The Power to Heal Yourself

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Dear God, How Can I Heal So That I May Love? ebook

Special Purchase: Self Quest, Module One

Marilyn Bradford

Out of Addiction – In To You

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Addiction Bites! Quick, informative and to the point, these 8 short audios are gems of transformative information about addiction!

Special Purchase: End the Judgement and Wrongness of You!


Dr. Jamie Marich

Healing Trauma From the Inside Out

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: 25% off Dr. Jamie’s book, Trauma and the Twelve Steps. You must order through this link and use the code 5JNSNV4

Special Purchase: Consultation, Trauma and the Twelve Steps book, and 2 CD (MP3 version)


Diane Ford

Ask Your Ancestors

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: ATPW – Ask Your Ancestors Bonus Handout

Special Purchase: Ask Your Ancestors    

Kate Arnold

Hand Wisdom Equals Self Wisdom!

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Your Money Blue Print

Special Purchase: Power Focus Session

John Assaraf

Maximizing Your Daily Effectiveness with John Assaraf

Download & Transcript

Special Purchase: How to Get More Done in Less Time with John Assaraf and Values Based Living


Sunny Dawn Johnston

Invoking the Archangels – A Nine Step Process To Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Body Meditation, Energetic Positive Affirmations and The Archangels downloads

Special Purchase: Advanced Mediumship & Get Out of the Box

Derek Rydall

How to Become Unstuck and Unstoppable For Life

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Audio- Visualization-Vibration-Radiation

Special Purchase: Emergineering Home Study System

Lisa Eastman

Spiritually Incorrect

Download & Transcript

Special Purchase: The Language of Letting Go    

Paul Radkowski

Origin of Addiction- Frozen In Time: Is Past Trauma Causing You to Experience a Slow & Early Death?

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Stress Free Ebook

Special Purchase: Life Recovery Program

Michael Bernoff

The New Technology of Success

Download & Transcript

Special Purchase: Call 2 Action

Transcript: Michael Bernhoff

Christel Hughes

Lighting Up Your Boundaries… How to NOT take on other’s energy, Be Free & Powerfully Claim You Space in the World

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Quantum Quickies: For Healthy Living… 10 Quick Ways to take a Quantum Leap in Consciousness in 2 minutes or less!

Special Purchase: Lighting Up Your Boundaries

Natalie Ledwell

Universal Magic – How to use the Law of Attraction to create the life of your dreams

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: 6 Pre-made Mind Movies

Special Purchase: Mind Movies 3.0 Creation Kit


Bob Proctor

Breaking Through Paradigms … As Simple as Mind Over Matter

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: The XY Factor MP3

Treyce Montoya

Get Off My I-Train

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Free Mini Personality Snapshot

Special Purchase: Handwriting Formation Therapy

Dr. Bruce Lipton

The Honeymoon Effect: Creating Heaven On Earth

Download & Transcript



Martha Reed

Balancing Life’s Emotional Undercurrents

Download & Transcript

Free Bonus Gift: Free MP3 “Eliminate Negative Thoughts with Dr. Martha Reed

Special Purchase: The Dragonfly Effect


Marinna Rose

Activate Your Power Within

Download & Transcript

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Special Purchase: “7 No Fail Steps to Activate Empowerment” eBook