Bimini Wild Dolphin Retreat Deposit


Bimini Wild Dolphin Retreat Deposit


 Deposit towards the Bimini Wild Dolphin Retreat

*Non Refundable deposit upon acceptance of application 

Wild Dolphins, Here I Come!

Bimini Wild Dolphin Retreat

  • 6 Nights / 7 Days July 2017
  • 2-3 Yoga Classes
  • 1 Prep Snorkel on the reef with our guide 
  • 4 Full afternoon boat rides to look for dolphins, and hopefully swim with them as much as we can! 
  • All food for meals will be provided,  (except for one night out for dinner) but we will be doing our own cooking and cleaning etc.. I will ask for a preference list for dietary needs so I can plan out meals for everyone for the week.
  • Alcohol is not included
  • A full Soul Purpose Reading for each participant done prior to the trip via conference call/recorded. Dive deeper for those that have already had a reading.
  • This retreat is all about the dolphins (of course) the boat goes out late afternoon. The captain judges the weather and tries to pick the best days for us to go out of the 5 days we are there. Some days if it's too rough we can have the option of feeding the stingrays in the shallow waters (which would be cool too!)
  • Snorkel Bimini Road during one of the boat days...Visit the remains of Lost Atlantis and decide for yourself what it really is. We will be tapping into the energy there and learning more about the history of Atlantis & Bimini.
  • Includes Bikes to roam the island, kayaks & snorkel gear

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