Whispers of God Promotion

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Whispers of God Promotion

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60 Minute Soul Purpose Reading ($398.00) 

  • Reveals Your Soul’s Purpose  
  • Discover Your Soul’s Challenges
  • Uncover Your Soul’s Path
  • Receive permission to be YOU
  • Get complete Clarity that you have been searching for
  • Includes Special Ink Printing Kit
  • Includes Mp3 Audio download of your session
  • A Complimentary 15 minute follow up call to answer any questions that come up after the Unlocking of your Soul Code
  • A Soul Purpose Guide to  help you prepare for the reading and get the most out of your session.

21 Steps to Soul Discovery Course ($198.00) 

This program is JAM-PACKED with information that will give you the tools you need to lead a Successful Soul Centered Life.

  • Receive a new Strategy every two days in your email inbox
  • Each Strategy incorporates multimedia learning, including videos, audios, and a written lesson
  • Each Strategy offers tools and processes that you can implement in real time in your life
  • Receive insight from over 21 different Experts in the self development industry into each Success Strategy
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