Full Soul Purpose Reading (special)


Full Soul Purpose Reading (special)


  Special Price Offering

During Your Soul Purpose Reading there will be no predictions.  Scientific Hand Analysis uses your energetic systems in through your body and mind that reveal an extremely accurate blueprint for Your Soul to live it’s Purpose! 

My life changed in an instant when I had my hands read the first time. Since that day it has been my mission to facilitate the decoding of all others whom resonate with the same knowing that I have, that we are all here for a reason, sometimes we just need a little guidance.

Included with all Soul Purpose Readings are:

 A Special Ink Printing Kit.
 Complimentary Mp3 Audio of your session
My undivided attention completely focused on your needs during our time together
A Soul Purpose Guide to help you prepare for the reading and get the most out of your session.

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Full in Depth Soul Purpose Reading diving deeper into the 3 key factors of Life Purpose, Life Path, Life Challenges, Heart emotional system, thought patterns and any gift markings.

90 Minute Recorded session.