Soul Purpose Reading (Hand Analysis)

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Soul Purpose Reading (Hand Analysis)

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During Your Soul Purpose Reading there will be no predictions.  Scientific Hand Analysis uses your energetic systems in through your body and mind that reveal an extremely accurate blueprint for Your Soul to live it’s Purpose! 

My life changed in an instant when I had my hands read the first time. Since that day it has been my mission to facilitate the decoding of all others whom resonate with the same knowing that I have, that we are all here for a reason, sometimes we just need a little guidance.

Included with all Soul Purpose Readings are:

  •  A Special Ink Printing Kit.
  •  Complimentary Mp3 Audio of your session 
  • My undivided attention completely focused on your needs during our time together
  • A Soul Purpose Guide to help you prepare for the reading and get the most out of your session.

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Reading Time:
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30 & 60 Minute Sessions:

  • Reveals Your Soul’s Purpose  
  • Discover Your Soul’s Challenges
  • Uncover Your Soul’s Path
  • Receive permission to be YOU
  • Get complete Clarity that you have been searching for
  • Includes Special Ink Printing Kit
  • Includes Mp3 Audio download of your session
  • A Complimentary 15 minute follow up call to answer any questions that come up after the Unlocking of your Soul Code
  • A Soul Purpose Guide to  help you prepare for the reading and get the most out of your session.

90 Minute Session:

  • Includes everything the 30 minute session offers, but allows us to dive deeper into your three key factors. 
  •  Uncover any gift markings, challenge markings, relationship style, and more!

The key lies in the blending of your code with discovering any possible gift markings, talent markings, challenge markings, your relationship style, how you respond and give to the world!

You will heal relationships, especially with yourself, understand your challenges turning them into your purpose, know best practices for yourself in business and live life fearlessly being equipped with this ancient wisdom of Your Soul!

This work is very powerful. It is only for those that are ready and committed to transforming their lives.