Discover Your Life Path Workshop


Discover Your Life Path Workshop


Discovering Your Life Path Workshop
When decoded your fingerprints reveal the sacred life path you are being called to explore, develop and illuminate. Imagine knowing how to successfully navigate your life path with purpose and poise.

Thursday, October 24th
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Centre on C
6000 C Street, Anchorage AK 99503
(Use the light at 64th to come around back for ample parking)

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In this workshop you will:

♥ Learn about the four different life paths and which one you’re on based on your fingerprint code
♥ Become more aware of your life path obstacles and how to make courageous course corrections
♥ Unearth treasures in the trial-and-error process
♥ With a new compass in hand discover new perspective and possibilities
♥ Learn how to accelerate from student to master path in 3-easy steps
♥ Take home a checklist and tools to inspire you to live on your master path

Discover your Life Path and Create Clarity, Deep Fulfillment and Prosperity in Your Life