Curiosity, authenticity, self-love, and optimism, these are the values I live by. Over the years I have lived through loss, addiction, potential bankruptcy, and even cancer, using my intuitive internal guidance system and my belief in the power of our unique experiences, and came out with my life’s purpose: helping others on their unique path to healing and living the life of their dreams.


Soul Purpose Reading

This reading teaches you, through the messages in your hands, the unique purpose, path, and lessons of your life so that you can optimize your life, find purpose, and resonate at your highest frequency! Questions become answered, the path suddenly becomes clear, and you will never have felt so driven to serve your purpose ever before! 

I am not really a believer in this kind of thing, but after Marinna gave me my reading I am quite surprised with how much information correlates with my life, the path I am on, my challenges were right on point and my purpose has become even clearer! Thank you so much Marinna
— - D.C.

 21 Steps to Soul Discovery Course 

21 Steps to Soul Discovery is a 6 Week e-course intensive that introduces you to all the key spiritual principles that contribute most to your life's success. This e-course helps you to master the foundational, spiritual, and mental techniques, that will enable you to live in the abundance and power that you seek. It includes 21 lessons, AM and PM meditation tracks, and a digital workbook. You will receive multimedia lessons in your inbox every 2 days that include audio, video, and a text lesson.