Marinna Rose

Just imagine what your life would be like filled with serendipitous moments, joy & freedom!

 Life is a journey.  There is no sitting still through it.  Sometimes on this long journey we lose our way, get mired in the weeds, wander off into scary and unknown paths.  When this happens, you have not failed.  You're still on the journey, you are just an Old Soul and took a harder path.   Those who are lost need only a road map to find their true purpose.


Live a Purpose Driven Life of Soul Discovery

Hello, I am Marinna Rose and I have been where you are now; lost, tired, and afraid.  I have wander off into dark places and found my way out again.  Let me help you unlock your soul's potential and lead a purpose-driven life of unlimited potential and joy.

You have come to this website because you are the type of person who wants to lead a life of internal honesty, soulful exploration, and conscious, purposeful creativity.  You want to transform your life into something that is mindful, safe, and filled with love.

Scientific Hand Analysis 

Hand analysis is one of the tools that I use to work with my clients and help them develop a life-strategy.  Using the lines in someone's hand I can understand where they are, where they've been, and how to move away from areas of unhappiness and self-destruction and onto a path of self-love and joy.


I’d love to hold your hand as we create an individual step-by-step plan by starting where you are in this very moment! We will navigate challenges that are in your way of moving forward, as well as any challenges that come up along the way. You’d be surprised how much easier it is to move forward with someone that has been there and is supporting you!

It's time to transform your life.