Simply Freedom Package


Simply Freedom Package

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Simply Freedom Package 


21 Downloadable MP3 Recordings of all the Activate Your Power Within Sessions 

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You do have the power; don’t ever give that up (oh so precious!) One size does not fit all! So we have brought you lots to choose from with are Expert Guest Speakers who have  graciously donated their time to bring you their own soulfully created tools & methods as well as their priceless messages!

In this Transformational Educational Series You will Learn How To:

  • Tap Into Your Power Within
  • Love & Accept ALL of You
  • Find the “GIFT” in the Pain
  • Understand the Science behind Addiction
  • Recognize & Release Addictive Patterns
  • Work Your Internal Energy Flow
  • Relieve Anxiety
  • Raise Your Frequency to allow for freedom of CHOICE
  • Love Your Dirty Waters, which allows you to say goodbye to Victimhood