3rd Annual Belize Retreat
~The Way Showers~
April 13th - 20th 2018

"My role is to assist with empowering you to become the Way-Shower that you already are, to unearth the knowledge for you to cut your own path and embrace your purpose and mission in every swath"

~Marinna Rose

                                Tobacco Caye

                                Tobacco Caye


  • 8 Days/7 Nights’ accommodation double occupancy
  • 4 Nights in the Jungle/ 3 Nights on Island
  • All meals- Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • All in Country transport
  • All day Guided Tour to Local Ruins
  • Mayan Healer 
  • Dive deep into Your Soul's Messages
  • Soul Intensive Group led by Marinna 
  • Full Soul Purpose Reading, Prior to
    retreat (long distance, private
  • A care package from Marinna with lots of goodies to prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime!

Total Estimated Cost: $2,998.00*
Does not include International Airfare.

Rejuvenate Your Soul through Ancient Mayan Wisdom and Healing.

What an amazing environment to practice Soul
work. Marinna leads the group through
ceremony, exploration and discovery. The
group setting was key to understanding pieces
of my own journey. The setting is picturesque
and tranquil. I can still hear the jungle when I
close my eyes.
— ~Lisa, Belize Retreat 2016

Check out our transformational journey to Belize from January 2017 HERE

4 Days in the Jungle


                        Spend 4 Days in the Jungle; Bonding, Relaxing, Supporting & Discovering.  More details to come.

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I loved working with Marinna on her Soul
Mastermind Retreat, she lives in the flow of the
Universe, trusting her guidance as I do. It was
fabulous, would love to work with her again!
— Shelly Grande ~ Belize Retreat 2016

I find every retreat that I facilitate is like the fast train on my spiritual journey. I get to do what I love with the most incredible strong, compassionate, loving woman that I know we will all be in each others lives for the duration as we all have this Belizean Bond that no one else can relate to. ~Marinna Rose

4 Days on the Island



"Your struggles need not be lost as the Way-shower you are the path cutter for those that follow in your foot steps, it's all worthwhile when you realize it's not just about you"

~Marinna Rose to become the Way-Shower






"The path of the leader and way shower is often not the easy path. It is often the slow way, and it is the way that forces you to take responsibility for yourselves and to see yourselves in everything and everyone around you."

~Daniel Scranton
The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council


"A Way-Shower is someone who leads humbly through their example" ~Marinna Rose




Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your healing potential, by receiving healing for your own soul

Interested, but want more information on how you can join our
intimate group of healers in Belize? 

2017 Belize Retreat participant Kara Breese, she brought her amazing knowledge on the Home & Land Healing process.  Visit her site HERE for more information.

3rd Annual Belize Retreat Deposit
Belize, Here I come!